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Since I can remember I have always loved television and films. I had pursued acting on-and-off until my second year in college. That year I decided to give all of me to acting. After graduating from Cal State Long Beach, Theatre Performance: Acting Emphasis BA '14 and then right after UC Irvine Acting MFA '17; I am constantly trying to find ways to prepare myself and get better and have fun doing it.


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Ain't Too Proud to Bag

New music out, always.

One of obstacles of acting is the ebb and flow of work. So while I'm slow grinding with this acting, I'm putting out some game. 

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Extended Acting Reel


It's always about improving and getting better. Here is a brief and general overview of how I have been getting better and working to add tools to my tool belt and staying ready so I don't have to get ready.


U/5 Dutch-The Young & the Restless

A record producer helping a friend out.

June 2017

Indeed.com (National/Canada)

A girlfriend sadly waves bye to her boyfriend as she reluctantly travels for work.

March 2018

Credit Karma (National)

A merman discussing the credit karma app with some friends

October 2017

AltaMed-Free To Be Campaign-Locker Room

A short video on being sexually safe and aware.

September 2017

A Hell of a Day-Zotfest Short Film

Ash (Amandla Bearden) has a hell of a day as he tries to make a deal with Satan to get his life back.

Fall 2015

'17 MFA Drama-UC Irvine

August 2014-June 2017

Graduated with my MFA in drama at UC Irvine. A lot of tools gained and gathered. Always working for that next job. Also gained some great experience in both teaching acting classes and in devising and putting up my own work. Here is a performance of my portion of a class project. Enjoy!

'14 BA with emphasis on performance-Cal State Long Beach

January 2012-June 2014

Graduated with my BA in drama performance. Gained a philosophy of being open to learn as much as possible and that mastery and improvement is a life process. A lifestyle. And yes it says Christopher but now, I go by Amandla.


The Raven

Amandla as The Man

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